Radius Wraps

UFC fighter Patrick Durkin Cummins found himself with giant, swollen knuckle prevented him from hitting pads and made sparring a frustrating experience. Every time he landed a punch, Durkin felt excruciating hand pain. A cut man showed us a style of wrapping that had been popular in the 60s and 70s, where the gauze is placed below the knuckle instead of over it. This approach reduces impact forces on the knuckle and decreases stress on the hand and wrist. After testing over 20 variations of this wrap with different materials, shapes and applications, what was to become Radius Wraps , was developed.

Durkin used a sample every day in practice. More prototypes was made and had several current and former professional fighters with a history of hand problems tested them out. All of a sudden, they were able to punch without pain in their hands. The next step was to do some real research to find out why this method worked so well. We teamed up with Dr. Andy Galpin at the Center for Sport Performance at Cal State Fullerton, and he and his team got to work. Over time, we discovered two important things:

1. Our approach dramatically reduced the impact forces to the hand and wrist.
2. It also reduced the impact of strikes to the person being hit.

Now Radius Handwraps are available to all from amateur to elite professional fighters.

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