Welcome to Sugar Rays brands page where you will find over 40 amazing brands. The brands vary a lot in age and popularity. Some of the more noteworthy brands are ‘Cleto Reyes’ after the Mexican boxer turned glove manufacturer. ‘Sandee Thailand’ being one of the world’s oldest combat sports brands, originating from muay thai in Bangkok, Thailand. ‘Winning’ is a legendary Japanese brand, widely recognised to be one of the best brands with a high price tag to go with it. Other popular brands are ones such as ‘Bad Boy’ which support the sport of MMA with boxing bags & ‘Venum’ starting from a Brazilian and now big in the grappling community. ‘Exigo’ is a relatively new brand manufacturing in the UK and specialising mainly in gym equipment. ‘Radius Wraps’ were started with the help of UFC fighter Patrick Durkin. Sugar Rays is one of the leading sellers of combat sports equipment in the UK, selling popular brands and classic brands such as ‘Century’ equipment and ‘Lonsdale’ alike. ‘Nike’ and ‘Adidas’ are probably the most well known brands on the site although the superior quantity of products provided goes to Adidas with over 300 products compared to Nike with less than 20. There are also a number of specialty brand products provided on the site, such as hand wraps, mouth guards, skipping ropes, punching bags and other accessories. Sugar Rays boasts a range of high quality products in the disciplines of jiu jitsu, mixed martial arts, muay thai, boxing, kickboxing judo, karate, kung fu, taekwondo and wrestling. Sugar Rays also offer some non combat sports equipment such as yoga, pilates and running. Please use this page to familiarise yourself with all the different brands on offer and click onto a brand logo to access items we have in stock related to that brand.
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