MMA Equipment

Sugar Rays is your local undisputed champion for MMA equipment, an independent specialist for all combat sports to have you achieve your goals, push your next training session and ensure the referee lifts your hand when the final bell rings.

Supplying your favourite MMA and boxing brands, our professional and passionate team is ready for you. Start your journey to success with Sugar Rays.


The Impact of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been taking the world by storm in recent years. With the promotion company UFC enabling the sport to be a household name, there is no wonder why all fight enthusiasts are rearing to get involved.

Providing much more freedom in the octagon when it comes to moves allowed, it is a true spectacle to witness.

Boxing can be viewed as the sport of punching, whereas MMA is the sport of true fighting. Allowing submissions, kicks and of course stand-up fighting, this is the universal method of combat to prove who’s really the top dog.

Mixed martial arts such as jujitsu, muay thai and taekwondo in relation to boxing and kickboxing, applied in one fight, creates the ultimate fighting experience.


We’re in Your Corner

Our MMA equipment is the perfect solution to enhance your next training session to ensure your power, technique and fitness reaches new heights of success. 

This sport is all about fine margins and using the right equipment for the right workouts can be a major difference between loss or victory. Discover the range at Sugar Rays.



MMA gloves are significantly smaller and lighter than your typical boxing gloves, 4oz or comparison to 10 or 12. We also supply training gear such as punch cushions, wraps and apparel.

We are also the bespoke specialists for MMA protection such as headgear, mouthguards and medical kits to ensure you or your fighter are always in safe hands.

Sugar Rays understands the game better than anyone else, we can appreciate how this sport can lead to potential for injuries and health risks. This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to have adequate equipment in your corner at all times. 



Our safety equipment for combat sports means you’ll be far from risks in and out of the ring with no compromises.

For MMA equipment to enhance your next workout for effective results in and out of the ring, look no further than Sugar Rays.