Stopwatches, Timers and Pedometers

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Our Stopwatches/Pedometers section has stopwatches, tally counters, pedometers and personal interval timers. Stop watches are great for precision timing and sports timing to time laps, sprints, and circuits. They are also used for for interval training and a stopwatch is essential if you’re officiating or timing an event, you’ll want an accurate timer to keep track of the periods. Personal trainers are great for interval training, circuit training and personal training, we recommend them to any solo trainer as an indispensable tool. Pedometers don’t just count steps many now have a calorie counter, measures distance travelled, some pedometers even talk to help you walk your way to health. Tally counters or lap counters can be used to count laps or circuits, people entering your boxing show or event and count punches thrown. A pedometer counts the number of steps taken many show the distance covered along with the approx amount of calories burnt by inputting your stride length, they are very popular with beginners in exercise and people measuring there 10,000 steps ad ay advice. Stop watches are essential for use when training individually or when coaching, they allow the individual to set goals and compete against yourself, pushing you harder and to make sure you are making progress in your training regime. Many stopwatches allow you both to see your overall time and how long you are taking for each individual lap or circuit to guide your progress, every step of the way.