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The kettlebell, or girya, is a cast iron weight that looks like a basketball with a suitcase handle. Russians have used kettlebells for as long as they have drunk vodka. Kettlebells deliver great fitness training so if you’re looking to burn fat, build up high levels of cardio fitness and phenomenal gains in strength and power then you are in the right section.

Kettlebells are the old Soviet method of muscle-building, but are belived to of been used by greek athletes and gladiators 2000 years ago.The reason lifting kettlebells is becoming so popular in the u.k and world over is that unlike conventional weights, their design allows very high repetitions and much more athletic moves over short periods. Kettlebells will give you a fresh and effective approach to training that’s easy to pick up and fun. The three essential lifts to learn are swing, clean and jerk, and snatch. Each is a dynamic, multi-joint, total-body move, performed with speed and a fluid motion.

Kettelbells offer intense all round training which makes them ideal for both men and women who are serious about getting into peak physical condition. They are great for burning fat effectively, getting strong and getting fit. The best bit is the workouts are short, intense and great fun!