Hook and Loop Gloves

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Sparring gloves with hook and loop closures are our most popular style of gloves. The Hook and Loop on the sparring gloves gives a good secure fit, yet are convenient, quick to do up, and you donโ€™t require someoneโ€™s help to lace them up. Generally, Junior boxers will use 4oz-10oz sparring gloves. Adults will generally use gloves from 10oz upwards, our most popular sparring gloves are leather 12oz-16oz. We also stock 18oz and 20oz gloves for the bigger person or the hardcore trainer.

For the amateur boxer, we recommend trying to use 12oz-16oz gloves, as 10oz are what you will use for your boxing contest. By using the heavier gloves, you will work your body harder, causing the 10oz gloves to feel lighter in the ring. The golden rule with glove weight is to use a weight that works you hard, but not so heavy a glove that it drags your hands down!

American/Mexican style sparring gloves are normally wider and are great for covering up when sparring. They also offer great wrist protection. European style glove normally provide more knuckle protection and are smaller and rounder. Sparring Gloves only come in weight size and not glove size.

Always wear handwrap’s when sparring for extra hand and wrist protection.