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Yoga today is the physical practices or β€œasanas” that were one branch of an eightfold path to spiritual enlightenment. The Sanskrit word β€œYoga” means yoke or union, and refers to a state of being at one with the Divine. Pilates is much newer, and far more focused on physical well-being. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early part of the twentieth century, the movements created were based on his research and understanding of physical therapy techniques, anatomy, yoga and kinesthetic studies worldwide. While the exploration of Yoga-Pilates and mix and match is valid, they can enhance your fitness levels, it is also vital to remember that Yoga and Pilates are both, complete, distinctive, and sophisticated sciences, popular for sculpting and toning bodies, making you stronger and more flexible, without adding bulk.

Pilates & Yoga Mats from the major brands Gold’s Gym, Pilates Mad, Yoga Mad, Gaiam, and the firm.