BXR Spray & Fitness Mad Sports Odour Absorber Kit



NO STINK - Smelly sports bag? Stinky boxing gloves? Smelly shoes? Smell no more with our brand new sports odour absorbers. Use in gloves, shoes, or sports bags to stop smells and kill of germs! These deodorisers contain active charcoal which works by removing moisture and killing bacteria and stopping mold/mildew. Recharge by leaving in direct sunlight once a month for at least one hour.
Product Details:
Dimensions – 11.5 cm x 4.2 cm
Weight – 51.6 grams
Material – polyester cover with metal eyelet
Sold in pairs

BXR SPRAY - BXR Glove Deodorising Spray -150ml
Designed to clean & refresh your boxing gloves. The unique formulation used Eco friendly active agents which clean and remove odours.
Safe to use on all boxing gloves. Using Hygienilaccleaning technology, BXR Glove Deodorising Spray does the following:
> Removes odours from gloves
> Anti-bacterial
> Anti-fungicidal
> Cleans dirt and grime from boxing gloves without the need for water
Directions of Use:
To refresh gloves and remove odours, shake and spray directly into the inside of glove. Approx 20cm away.
To clean and remove small staines, spray onto gloves and rub until foam appears. Leave for 1 minute & wipe off
The Glove Deodorising Spray can be used to freshen up all boxing equipment including gloves, boots and kit bags.
Caution: Avoid contact with eyes. Should this happen, rinse well with water.
Ingredients: less that 5% non-iconic surfactants, preservatives & fragrance