Bad Boy PU NevaTear Muay Thai Punch Bag – 6ft


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Bad Boy PU NevaTear Punch Bag - 6ft. Improve your fitness, endurance, speed and raw power with a great punchbag cardio work out. Great for fighters working on their footwork, punching, power and movement. The bag is pre-filled and ready to be used. Simply hang it up in a suitable location and you're ready to begin your training. It comes with suspension straps and tie down loop for strong and stable support. The longer length allows for more variety when training for Muay Thai.

Built to last, this punchbag manufactured using Nevatear will stand the rigors of even the most intense workouts.

The bag is made of hardwearing PU to withstand the toughest of workouts and has been machine packed with quality filling for a well balanced bag. Exercise in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Perfect training aid for martial arts such as Muay Thai, BBJ and more, as well as boxing.

- Heavy Duty Punching Bag
- Improve Your Fitness and Power
- Perfect Training Aid for Boxers and Martial Artists
- Pre-filled and Easy to Set Up
- Suspension Straps Included
- Links for Strong Support
- Quality Stitching
- Made of PU Nevatear
- Machine Packed With Quality Filling For A Well Balanced Bag
- Exercise in the Comfort of Your Own Home
6ft in Height