BXR Paddles and Sticks Set – Black

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BXR Paddles and Sticks Set – Black

The ultimate coaching set! The BXR paddles and sticks provide different training techniques and combinations, designed to increase accuracy and speed!

The design of the paddles allows the trainer to tap and lightly hit the athlete to work on offense and defence at the same time. Made from artificially leather and professionally padded, these precision paddles are incorporated into the workouts as replacements to conventional punch mitts. Complete with a wrist loop to improve safety for both trainer and athlete. Ideal training tool for boxing and MMA fighters alike.

The premium BXR Training Sticks. Amazing training aid developed to replace the hook-and jab pads. They improve speed, precision and accuracy with all punches, strikes and combinations and can be used to work on offence and defence. The premium sticks are made from high quality padded material to reduce the impact on the coach and boxer. Internal PVC tube keeps the Training Sticks tall and strong. Also includes an ultra durable leather-look cover with adjustable hand straps providing security during training. Slightly shorter than the originally BXR Precision sticks. Sold in pairs.