Exigo Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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Exigo Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar. This wall mounted chinning bar is easily attached to any secure wall, and features rubber handles for optimum grip and total safety. Created from heavyduty metal, this beauty is guaranteed to remain secure and safe. Its design ensures plenty of clearance above and below, allowing chin ups and pull ups without worrying about hitting the floor or roof. Increase your overall fitness and strength with chin ups and pull ups.

Chin up exercise will always increase upper body strength efficiently, even for beginners. And everyone buying direct from the manufacturer here can be confident it is the best place for the biggest savings on a wall mounted chinning bar.

The wall mounting chin up bar offers you key essential ingredients to strive your arms, as you get used to the workout regimes you can prepare for, you will notice that the entire arms and shoulders will feel energy rising and falling as you take your reps.

The more chin ups you do the more endurance you can come to control with, it will effect you in different ways but you can expect a complete upper body workout.

Height(mm): 225mm
Width(mm): 1180mm
Length(mm): 470mm
Weight(kg): 7
All dimensions and weights are approximate.