No Stink Sports Shoe Deodoriser – Green


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No Stink Sports Shoe Deodoriser. Finally, a sports shoe deodoriser that actually works. No Stink Sports shoe deodoriser, neutralises bad smells, absorbs moisture, kills germs and helps prevent infection. Most shoe deodorisers only mask the smell with No Stink removes moisture and kills bacteria leaving your shoes fresh and dry. Deodoriser for sports shoes including Boxing, MMA, Martial Art's, WeightLifting, Athletics, Cricket, Ice Hockey and Golf. Great addition to your kit bag, holdall or even your sports locker.

No Stink Sports Shoe Deodoriser Features:

- Neutralises bad smells and odours
- Absorbs moisture
- Kills germs and helps prevent infection
- Long life span - will outlast your trainers or sports shoe!
- Sold as 1 pair