OPRO Power-Fit Bling Mouthguard – Navy/Silver Urban

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OPRO Power-Fit Bling Mouthguard – Navy/Silver Urban

This gum shield provides levels of protection and comfort not previously available in a self fit mouthguard. Features multiple protection zones made from a unique blend of four different materials, plus a patented fitting handle to guarantee inter jaw thickness. The Power-Fit is a unique combination of an outer and inner tray, which fit one inside the other, and it is into this tray system that the mouthguard is placed. As the wearer bites down onto the mouthguard, the Power-Cage compresses it onto the teeth resulting in a perfectly moulded mouthguard that fits snugly around the teeth and soft tissue providing the ultimate fit and retention.

Available in:
Black/Gold Tooth
White/Gold Tooth
Gold/Black Urban
White/Gold Urban
Navy/Silver Urban