Playerz Boxing Head Harness


Playerz Boxing Head Weight Harness

A vital piece of kit for all boxers, used for neck exercises to improve neck strength & the surrounding muscles.

When incorporated with weight discs this head harness will improve the toughness of your head aiding for better impact absorption when fighting.

Used by professionals & amateurs alike the Playerz Boxing headweight harness is made from high quality materials featuring a padded head band & adjustable back strap for comfort & usability, the Playerz Boxing logo adornes the top of the head harness giving a professional look.

The chain measures 75cm (loop to loop) & the harness itself measures at 96cm ear to ear.

Please note the weights are not included


High quality durable material
Padded head band & adjustable back strap
75cm chain, 96cm harness
Used by professionals & amateurs
Branded harness