Pro-Box ‘Black Collection’ Leather Angle Punchbag – Black/White


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Pro Box ‘Black Collection’ Leather Angle Punchbag – Black/White. Top spec, professional quality leather punchbag made from high grade cowhide leather. Textile filled and machine compressed for solid compact feel. Designed and engineered for intense use either in gyms or boxing clubs or for home use. Made to last and absorb the most powerful of blows. Featuring a 25mm inner foam jacket, which provided a more cushioned, responsive feel to the bag and giving greater protection to the wrist and hands. Angle shaped design to give the user the option of working a greater variation of shots and combinations. Includes a metal D ring to the base of the bag which gives the option tether to go the ground. Requires a 6 hook chain sold separately. Diameter: 20. Height: 39″. Weight: Approx 35kg