Rival Pro Universal Heavy Bag 130LB/59KG


From Rival comes the mother of all "Body Bags"!

We have no doubt that this beautiful shaped bag will see to all your needs. Perfectly designed for straight punches, head punches, body shots, hooks and uppercuts, this bag is ready to absorb it all, and come back for more.

This bag also combines a perfect mix of balance, density and resistance.

Diameter: 19" (48cm)
Height: 38" (96cm)
Circumference: Top: 60" (152cm) / Bottom: 75" (190cm)
Approx. 130lb (59kg)

A Unique and Revolutionary Design
Perfect and Consistent Density from Top to Bottom
No Hard Spots… ANYWHERE
No Sand, Rubber or Plastic. Just the Perfect Feel
Made of Indestructible T.A.R.P. Technology
Proudly Handcrafted in the USA