Rival RPM100 Professional Punch Mitts – Green/Gold

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Rival RPM100 Professional Punch Mitts

Designed, developed and constructed using what we believe to be the best materials available, the RPM100 not only incorporates our new FeatherLite layered foam, but the Super Rich Microfiber makes this mitt virtually indestructible.The pre-curved shape will optimize your pad work, all the while keeping your hand in that perfect ergonomic position. Intentionally designed with a specific hand compartment for both the right and left hand, these gloves will break-in perfectly to each specific hand. Add to that a soft, comfortable Nash lining along with an Angled Wrist Strap System, and you have the perfect punch mitt

Punching Surface Dimensions: 7.25" x 8"

Colours Available: White/Gold, Black/Gold, Red/Silver, Blue/Silver, Green/Gold