Spin Bar Punching Target – Wall Attachment

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Spin Bar Punching Target - Wall Attachment

This multi functioned training target has the capacity to aid the trainers and the athletes to enhance their capabilities in the ring to fulfill the growing training needs.
Equipped with Heavy Duty fully loaded commercial grade Wall Mount Bracket for Punching Stick is designed to sustain the severe kicks and punches. Made from 16 guage powder coated iron that has a greater strength and durability among all its competitors. This punching pad offer the multiple height adjustment option for the fighters to adjust it according to the need.

With Adjustable height options coupled with anti-wobble adjuster this Mytra Punching Focus Target has plenty much to offer to the beginners as it aids in the training capacities and improving the techniques. Ergonomically designed with four mounting points and Single Joint construction that gives the ability to withstand the most severe punishment to the bags.

With the HOX Uni point of contact this Frame is equipped with TZX Stress transformation technology that provides more stability and accuracy to the training athlete. Hard reinforced resilient foam to withstand high impact coupled with Wall Mount that build the tempo for the training.

This wall mounted Punching Spin Bar can offer plenty of option to the fighters in one single package fighter have to option to train themselves with hook & Jab , Upper Cut & Lower cut punching elbow training speed punching & Punch control training.

Best for Martial Arts and Boxing Training and is easy to use in the areas where there are construction restriction.