Tuf-Wear Ultimate Boxing Coaching Set – Black

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Tuf-Wear Ultimate Boxing Coaching Set Includes:

1x Paddles, 1x Sticks, Boxing Mitts

Tuf Wear Eagle Gel Curved Hook & Jab Pad. The Tuf Wear Eagle Gel Curved Hook and Jabs are constructed using the finest durable synthetic carbonium material, featuring a strong strap for added comfort , grip and safety. Featuring a gel target area to withstand the heaviest of punches and absorb the impact.
– Durable Synthetic Carbonium material
– Velcro strap for added comfort
– Gel target area for a cushioned punch
– Tuf Wear branded

Tuf-Wear PU Boxing Training Paddles. An alternative to punch mitts, the Tuf Wear synthetic training paddles are constructed with a high quality durable synthetic leather, designed to improve precision timing speed and accuracy. The perfect tool for a coach to train boxer to work on offensive and defensive skills and techniques at the same time. Tuf Wear branding on both sides of the paddles

Tuf-Wear Eagle Training Sticks with Finger Grips. Amazing training aid developed to replace the hook-and jab pads. They improve speed, precision and accuracy with all punches, strikes and combinations and can be used to work on offence and defence. The premium sticks are made from high quality padded material to reduce the impact on the coach and boxer. Includes finger grips for secured hold on the sticks.